Ready to Build? Here are the basic steps to get you going in the right direction.
1. Find a reputable barndo builder in your area. We know the best around :)
2. Check the building codes in your neighborhood to ensure a barndo is allowed in your area.
3. Call or schedule an appointment to discuss your building needs. We can design and customize a plan for you, or help you choose from one of our existing floor plans. It is at this meeting where we get the fine details of your home building vision. You can check out our existing floor plans here.
4. Once we know the design plan, we will give you a quote. Keep in mind we can make some adjustments as needed to get you within your budget most of the time. Customization can drastically raise or lower the budget.
5. If you accept the quote, come in the office to sign a contract and discuss the remaining details.
6. At the agreed upon date, the construction will begin. This starts with dirt work, then the concrete slab, then framing, interior construction, and finally completion. The process from dirt-work to completion varies depending on weather mainly but normally takes 2-3 months.
* We will be working with you every step of the way.